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protective cover, protective covering, safety - a covering that is certainly intend to guard from problems or injury; "they'd no security from the fallout"; "wax delivered protection with the floors"

‘Communication and travel was sluggish, ships and messages took several years to vacation the distances covered.’

‘Roy let unfastened with a burst that dropped The 2 Guys, then turned his weapon towards the trio covering Winger.’

‘One of many worrying elements for the Danes is a complete absence of cover for their two vital strikers.’

‘All 3 varieties of catheters are covered that has a sterile dressing that should be kept clean and dry.’

cover - bedding that keeps a person warm in mattress; "he pulled the covers more than his head and went to rest"

‘Phone it hubris or a lack of imagination: some bands come to feel compelled to cover other artists' tracks.’

‘Hence the trader covers his posture and requires his revenue to maneuver on to the next stock on his checklist.’

In keeping with his storyline within the collection, Austin Reed's birth title is unidentified. His father, Curtis, took the youngsters (Austin and his sister Billie) and altered their names to prevent their mother Kate Roberts from acquiring them. All of that is thought is usually that his authentic surname was Brown.[3]

‘I lay my head back on my pillow and pulled the covers back again on top of me, striving desperately to acquire again to sleep…’

‘Many insurers will nonetheless cover you for existing circumstances, Lovely giving you are not travelling against your health care provider's assistance.’

‘When covering these debates, reporters frequently seek to use College scientists as objective arbiters.’

Austin's birth identify is unfamiliar, when Cover his father, Curtis, took the youngsters, he changed their names to prevent Kate Roberts from obtaining them. All of that is known is usually that his original surname was Brown. Muldoon reprised here are more tips here the job as Austin Reed on September 26, 2011.

‘Two Principal treatment trusts declared there can be an overhaul in preparations for cover at Neighborhood hospitals.’

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